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Dr. Ashish Ghuge is highly trained from esteemed institutes in India and abroad. With his artistic skills and compassion for patients he helps them to achieve desired lasting results for Face, Breast, Body and skin. Dr Ashish believes cosmetic surgery is a personal journey for each patient and strives hard to achieve the best outcome with techniques tailored to meet the needs.





“Mommy Makeover” is a phrase that refers to individualized procedures to bring a post-pregnancy body back to its pre-pregnancy size, shape and contour.

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Samiksha Rawool
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Superb surgeon with an artist's eye - Dr Ashish ghuge I felt like I was in very good hands during the surgical experience.. I appreciate that Dr Ashish Ghuge discussed his plan with me before hand and also asked me if I wanted to make any last minute adjustment.. He also recommend for genioplasty for balance profile because I was having small chin... I trusted his all recommendations.. I believed he did the excellent job at sharping my nose in just a way I want And the results didn't change the general appearance of my face.. providing a unique balance.. Happy with this new version of me... thank you so much sir.... The pre op care and post operative care were the most incredible I ve ever experienced, Dr Ashish Gughe who was available and answer my questions nd queries I had post op I highly recommend dr Ashish Ghuge and his team to anyone..thank you sir and his team... Great job
Anshu Sinha
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Dr. Ashish Ghuge is a superb surgeon and great human too. Making lives beautiful by his skills. I underwent breast reduction surgery in his safe hands, and i am living a much better life now. it feels like a life changing decision and surgery in the hands of best cosmetic surgeon in mumbai. one can blindly trust on him. my transformation journey woudnt have been so beautiful if it wasnt for you Dr Ashish. Thank you, for blessing me with this new life
Musically Priyaa
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I recently had breast augmentation surgery with Dr Ashish Ghuge. The whole experience was very good right from first consultaion to the recovery time. He cleared all my doubts patiently and understood my requirement and the result is just the way i wanted. It looks very natural. I am very happy with it.. He promptly reverts to my queries. I would highly recommend him......
Sachin Darji
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I had a accident and I unerwent Facial plastic surgery for fracture of jaw bones and cuts on face. Dr.Ashish Ghuge is super skillful surgeon and the way he did surgery still I am amazed by his skill that I don't have a single scar on face.100% super surgeon and great person. Always available on phone.always discussed with me.i was in good hands. Thank you doctor to give me my same look like before
Nishi Doshi
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I definitely recommend consulting him. He’s not only humble but also efficient. I was involved in a major accident that could’ve easily left grotesque scars on my face for a lifetime. It’s three months after being treated by him and it feels like he’s a magic worker. My scars are barely visible. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done. If he can work like he did on an area as sensitive as the face, you can consult him without hesitation.
Cathy Samraj
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Dr Ashish Ghuge is a very approachable and skilled plastic surgeon! He actually understood the anxiety associated with the procedure and gave me enough time to decide whether I truly wanted to get it done . He also explained the procedure of dimple creation in detail as well as the expected outcome. Had a very comfortable experience ! Very pleased with the result☺️
Avanti Sardesai
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While choosing a doctor its very important to choose someone who is honest, approachable and empathetic toward the patient. Dr Ashish is an excellent surgeon. he provided detailed guidance right from the initial consult till post surgery after care. He explained the actual procedure in very simple terms and was always available to help answer any queries or issues. He helped provide great care after surgery as well. Dr. Ashish has a human touch. I highly recommend Dr. Ashish Ghuge for any patient considering plastic or reconstructive surgery.
Mansi Chowdhary
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My son had his separation of finger surgery with Dr Ashish. He is very friendly , approprachable and always available.. His work is commendable.. he advices us appropriately.. Truly recommended.
Nadeem Gaziani
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I was operated for dermoid cyst on my face(above right eye). Dr. Ashish was the surgeon and he performed the operation so well. I am really grateful for the work he did and now people dont even know from where the operation was performed. He did an outstanding job. Thanks to you Dr. Ashish, i don't even know how to thank you.
Veena Partagalkar
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Dr. Ghuge was godsend to us. He treated my husband with great care and sensitivity. He was patient, calm, confident and helped my husband get through his fear of surgery. His knowledge on the subject is upto date and he is a doctor who understands and applies modern medicine. He was on the call and available to us literally at all times. His post surgery care too was 100% satisfactory. He was interested not only in his part of the treatment but my husbands overall health and keeping that in mind making an extra effort to meet the other doctors consulting them and then deciding the right course of treatment is how he handled our case. His surgery too was a piece of art, right to perfection with minimal discomfort. We are indebted to Dr. Ghuge for life and we are still in touch with him.
Aditya Kudalkar
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One of the most energetic doctor with a pleasing personality i ever met,Very helpful n has a great ability to understand patients concern.A Doctor with a Positive attitude
Megha Gajellu Aditya Kudalkar
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Though the cut on nose due to manja used for flying kite was very deep, after stitching the cut was unseen and completely unbelievable! Doctor has done his job in a excellent way! We would also like to Thank Dr.Vishal Yelle for suggesting Dr. Ashish Ghuge ! Thank you Doctor! Thanks alot!
Sakhi Shah Megha Gajellu Aditya Kudalkar
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Dr Ashish Ghuge has done my arm lift surgery in February 2018 after the skin was sagging after some weight loss .. I was hesitant about the scar but sirs immaculate surgery has left me with barely visible scar and a proportionate arm. Also the pre operative and post operative care was amazing. I would definitely recommend him.
Aditya Kudalkar
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Excellent surgical skills! And extremely patient friendly
Gauri Birmole
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Very optimistic about patient's recovery and great technical skills.
Tejashree Vedpathak
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Best plastic surgeon for cosmetic breast surgery and breast fibroadenoma in Mumbai.
Muddasar Najar
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Thanks for every thing dear dr...that was a awosum job. .helped reconstruction in dad's sugery

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